Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Starting of Week 3 at the MTC

This week was so much fun! We are teaching a ton of ''investigators'' everyday! I taught this less-active girl named LaChelle and it was the best lesson we (Elder Pineault and I) have ever taught! It was such an amazing experience and it really made me excited to finally be helping others. By the end of the lesson she was crying tears of joy along with everyone else in the room, including the members that were with us. All this took place in the TRC where the people are real invesigators and they get paid to come to a building and let us teach them.
I got to see the real world this week which also made me more excited to go to Canada! I had to go on splits with Elder Freeze who had to go to a doctor. He says his knee hurts and the docters have to do a MRI to make sure nothing is wrong. Personally I  think he's just trying to get attention.. haha but I still love him. I love my whole district so much.  They all have the funniest personalities and we all help each other progress when we are studying! My companion is continuing to teach me French and I'm getting better! I am so blessed to have him as my companion. We seriously teach so good with each other and we can finish eachother's thoughts when talking! He's way cool! I told him he could come live with us for a week after the mission during the week of General Conference and we would go together! He is a convert by a year and a half so his dream is to see the prophet! I mean that when I say it really is his dream!! So I think that would be a way good experience for him! plus I'd hang out with him after the mission if he came to the US.
My flight plans are: I leave on February 7th and my flight leaves at 5:30 am.... so i have to be at the travel office at 3 am... which means I have to wake up at 2 am... :( but it'll be so much fun! We have a layover in Denver, CO but then we will arrive in Edmonton, Canada at 11:50 am!)
Last night (Tuesday) we had a Devotional! It was also the 50th anniversary of the MTC! Elder Nelson and Elder Holland from the Quorum of the Twelve were the speakers and it was amazing!! I wish I could tell you more but I hardly have time to type!
Alexandre, our first TRC investigator wants to be baptized and I am way excited about that!
Mom, get better! Stop getting sick!
Dad, sorry you're the only male in the house,.. but Josh will be back soon.. :/ well, sooner than me! haha hang in there!
Mom, tell Amy Simkins that I miss teaching dance for her and I miss all the kids I used to teach! I am teaching Elders here how to dance so I won't lose it! ;)
Family, good job on reading your scriptures! It really does make your day go by so much better when you start and end off a day by reading and praying!
I love you all and miss you
-Elder Stevens, the younger :)