Monday, February 27, 2012

End of Week 3 in Canada

This week flew by!

Phil and his son Zachary were baptized on Saturday and confirmed on Sunday in sacrament meeting! Everything went well and it was such an amazing experience! Phil also was ordained a priest and received the Aaronic Priesthood! So I've been on a spiritual high all week because of that!

We also lost our dinner calendar again on Sunday,.. so if we don't find it, we won't have much to eat this week! We have it passed around in the Relief Society and someone always takes it home or something instead of just leaving it in the room! oh well.. it'll turn up soon!

We got in a car chase this week. Elder Kember was driving and we went to turn into Walmart, but he realized he couldn't turn there because of construction, so he took off his blinker and kept going straight. A BIG truck behind us honked because we had slowed down and did a false blinker. So as we turned into the next entrance Elder Kember honked once to be funny. The guy in the big truck didn't think it was too funny so he followed us into Walmart. We weren't sure if he was following us at first so we just kept driving and turning. He stayed right behind us no matter where we turned. It was a full on chase but we were only going about 10 km/h (4 or 5 mph) through the parking lot. Finally we made a U-turn and drove out of the parking lot to get away from him and he got stuck at the light!

Anyways,.. It has snowed every day the last 5 days in a row and today it is -19*C! There is now about 3 inches of snow packed on every road! They don't plow it up here, it's crazy! I feel like I'm at a ski resort every day and I'm driving on the slopes! I had to go buy a sweater at the store because i just couldn't stay warm! But I'm getting more used to it than the first day!
Happy Birthday Dad! I hope you got my letter in the mail! I miss you and the family!
I hope all is well back at home with everyone (family and friends)!
Love you all and talk to you next week!

-Elder Stevens (Canada)