Monday, March 12, 2012

End of Week 5 in Canada

Every week just seems to be flying by!
This week Elder Kember and I cut each other's hair! Brook kinda taught me how (using a guide and holding the comb and stuff) before I left for my mission so I taught Elder Kember! Our hair turned out looking great and it was just what each of us wanted!
Phil blessed the sacrament yesterday for his first time which was so amazing! :) This Saturday, March 17th, Melodie is getting baptized and confirmed! We also moved Justice and Sarah's baptism to this Saturday as well! They are doing so good it's incredible. They came here with absolutely nothing but last week they finally got their luggage which was lost on the plane about a month ago! So that was nice for them! Now they each have at least one suitcase of clothing.
They can only stay in the Fregene's Home until the 20th (because that was their agreement) so they are trying to figure out how and where they're going to live. We've met with them almost every day since we met them and have taught them everything. Justice has almost read the whole Book of Mormon, and he has already read "our heritage" and he is reading now also, "Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith."
Yesterday we were about to teach him about tithing and fast offerings (we saved that for the last lesson because we thought it'd be the hardest concept for them since they don't have much, not even a job yet) but when we started talking about it, he pulled out his tithing which was already filled out and sealed and he said "who do I give it to?" He already had the strongest testimony in tithing and he had found the slip on his own and filled it out during sacrament! And when we pulled out the scriptures about tithing, he quoted them to us word for word and then told us he is happy to pay tithing! He's not even a member yet!
It's truly amazing how prepared they are! So things will be busy this week with getting all these baptism arrangements taken care of! Oh and Sarah sung in the ward choir before church! She went early just to sing with them and she's a way good singer! Justice gave us his family's info (where they live in Greece and their numbers), He told us that he's been talking to them and they want to have missionaries teach them and they need 6 copies of the Book of Mormon. Ha, ha!  So, we're going to send that info to the main office! :)

I'm enjoying every second here so much! I wake up around 5 or 5:30 most mornings and go running, work out, or go to the church and breakdance and shoot hoops :) I have gained 12 pounds on my mission so far, but it's not fat! :) Anyway, I enjoy it here more and more every passing week! :)

Love Always,
Elder (Jon) Stevens